Even something as simple as choosing a bib can turn out to be anything but simple. Choose best baby bibs.

Because there is not only 1 bib.
No dear friends: there are hundreds of different types, based on size, material, closure, purpose …

In this article we will discover all the types of bibs, and how to choose the one that best suits your needs.

But let’s go in order.

Bibs, what are they for?

If there’s one thing all kids love about baby food, it’s messing around.

No matter how good it is, it will always be more fun to touch it, spread it on the high chair or better still on it!

The bib will be that rescue layer that will save you from doing one hundred and eleven thousand washing machines a day or wearing harlequin dresses.

Bibs, all types

Baby food bibs

As the name suggests, baby food bibs are meal specific.
Generally large, to protect as much surface as possible.
Some have a pouch or food collector, to protect even from falling food.

Bibs for drool

Definitely smaller – to allow freedom of movement – and suitable for wearing all day.
Their purpose is to totally or at least absorb most of that cascade of drool that occurs during the teething phase, which would otherwise wet the clothes, sometimes causing irritation on the skin.

Bibs with sleeves

An increasingly popular option, especially for parents who practice self-weaning, is that of bibs with long sleeves.
Because if they eat alone, the risk of puccino (voluntarily or involuntarily) putting the sleeves in the sauce is very high.
The bibs with sleeves also have the advantage of being perfect also as aprons for little budding artists.

Bibs how to choose

Once the category has been identified, what are the characteristics to take into account?

The overall dimensions

The bib is a friend of mothers.
I always had at least 2-3 in my bag. Along with a lot of other things of course.
If it doesn’t fold, it’s not for you.

The cleaning

Given the amount of stuff that gets on it, the bib MUST be easy to clean.
If you clean only with a sponge or under water better.
If it requires more care than a cashmere sweater, give up.

The closure

A bow is ALWAYS untied.
With velcro, it won’t stick after a while.
A elastic should be removed from the head = gruel also in the hair.
The best is the snap button.

The fit

The bib should be comfortable enough not to strangle the baby, but tight enough at the neck that the shirt is not visible

The comfort

Pay attention to the material, the seams, the labels.
Everything is potentially annoying, and there is nothing worse than trying to feed a distracted and unnerved baby with an uncomfortable bib.

Do you want to find out in detail the various types of bibs, with characteristics, pros and cons?
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