But now recent studies call into question that carbohydrates are as diabolical as they paint them. Moreover, they can even be very beneficial. Above all, if they tell us that a diet low in carbohydrates and high in protein can clog our arteries and raise the danger of suffering a heart attack or stroke. It is true that these diets are effective to lose weight quickly, but their long-term effects can be harmful to our body.

The fact is that people often talk badly about these nutrients, without taking into account their benefits and without taking into account that it is very present in our Mediterranean diet, although perhaps less than desirable as long as we do not abuse this type of foods. It is advisable to eat an average of 100 grams maximum each day, depending on the weight, age, sex and physical activity of each person.

Actually, the problem with carbohydrates lies in the way you cook them. Potatoes, for example, are forbidden if they are fried and, however, boiled or cooked are very advisable. 100 grams of cooked potato only contribute 70 calories. Therefore, those people who want to lose weight should not dispense with carbohydrates in their diet but should consume them moderately, cooked properly.


If we add a high-fibre diet we will reduce body fat, increase the feeling of fullness and keep the sugar regulated in the blood. Legumes, without going any further, stand out for their high content of carbohydrates and fibre, their low-fat content and, in addition, they are the foods of vegetable origin higher in proteins. Brown rice is also a good ally. And do not forget that there are other foods that contain carbohydrates, although in smaller quantities, such as milk, yoghurt, cheese, vegetables and fruits.

Physical exercise should accompany our diet. If our goal is to lose fat without losing muscle, nothing better than carbohydrates to get energy and definition. They are our gasoline for before and after training.

So, you know, the best option for a healthy life and to get rid of those extra kilos, we have to eat a balanced diet, combined with regular exercise and consuming quality carbohydrates in their proper measure, avoiding processed ones and those rich in sugars.