But it is true that any bread is not worth it. We must discover which one best suits our needs to include it in our diet and bear in mind that, taken in moderation, the bread does not get fat and, in addition, provides great benefits. It is therefore advisable to know which types of bread are healthier and do not forget that it is a source of fibre and carbohydrates, two essential nutrients for our body and its proper functioning. In addition, it provides amino acids, vitamins, minerals …

As we say, consumed in moderation does not increase our weight. This means that we should not exceed 250 grams per day, which is the amount recommended by the World Health Organization. And, of course, do not overdo the companions (butter, sausages, etc.), which are the culprits of giving the bread a bad name.

The most advisable and least recommended bread

The healthiest bread is the one that contains more grain and is composed of 100% whole wheat flour. And the least healthy is the mould bread because it contains more fats, sugars and additives so that it can be preserved for longer. Therefore, it is important to look at the ingredients to be able to choose with good judgment.

Among the most advisable stands, undoubtedly, whole wheat bread is also the most popular bread at the popular level. It has high fibre content, so it is highly recommended to promote intestinal transit, prevent constipation and prevent colon cancer. It is very important that this type of bread is composed of whole grain and the flour is only wheat, without mixing with other ingredients.

The oat bread is one of the healthiest types. Oatmeal is combined with wheat flour and the result is a bread that, in addition to being very digestive, is more tender and less dry than that which is made only with wheat. And, having also a high soluble fibre content, it is an ideal food to reduce cholesterol levels in our body.

Finally, although it is not as popular as the previous ones, we have rye bread, which is an option as healthy as the previous ones thanks to its high content of proteins, fibre and vitamins. When combined very well with both sweet and salty, it is ideal for breakfast. Besides being very tasty, it is the bread that has the most fibre and nutrients.

So, you know, if you like bread and want to lead a healthier life, maintain your weight or lose a few extra pounds, you just have to choose the type or types that you like and enjoy them.