Helping you improve your running performance: we are very excited about that. We are happy to give you careful advice on the right running technique and offer a professional, personal running analysis at one of our branches. This way, we can always find the right running shoes for plantars fasciitis for everyone.

Even if you are looking for running tips or challenging running training, you have come to the right place. Especially for advanced runners, we have professional running schedules, with lengths up to marathon distances.


The right sports shoes can make a big difference when it comes to improving your results. Do you have a preference for ASICS running shoes, or just adidas, New Balance, Brooks, ON, or Nike? It may just be that you make a different choice after our running analysis.

Our running analysis is focused on finding the perfect shoes for you, with the goal of fewer injuries and better running technique and performance. Through an extensive intake, the analysis of your old running shoes and an extensive running analysis we come to tailored advice.


During the running analysis we let you run at different speeds (race and training pace) and observe not only your handling but also your posture and technique. We analyze the foot landing, pelvic and hip joint, and give a brief explanation immediately.

The mobility, resilience, synchrony and symmetry of the whole body during walking are extensively analyzed. Also the walking rhythm is discussed: the fitting frequency, arm swing, stability and the angle between the legs and hips.

After the analysis we give advice on how to improve certain points of attention. For this purpose, we immediately give concrete tips, exercises or adjust your footwear.

Finally, we look critically at the type of shoe that best suits your goals. When running at an advanced level, you should consider using different shoes for different training, disciplines, distances and paces. For example, there are running shoes suitable for endurance running, fast(er) training or for training on a hard on soft surface. The material of the footwear can also make a big difference.

A shoe clearly makes a difference, and we are even happy to explain the importance of buying a second pair of shoes.

Use the results of your running analysis and compare different types of shoes from different brands to test what feels right. Also dare to step away from the old familiar brand. Go with good running shoes for the best result!