Either because of the schedule, or because you like who gives it, or maybe because of ignorance, we usually stay in our comfort zone as far as training is concerned. We are comfortable in one type of activity, be it aerobic or indoor; of toning, such as Body Pump; or choreographed, like Zumba. We “accommodate” your demand and do not try others.

We must be aware that the body notices it, and if we do not offer new stimuli and challenges different it can happen that our performance stagnates, does not improve and, simply, we always stay in the same place. Ojo, we do not mean that you leave the activity that you practice regularly, because surely you have a great time and both your body and your mind thank you, but we invite you to try new experiences, to take the challenge of exercising a bit more far away and to feel again, why not, a little stiffness.

Obviously, it’s not about getting into any class. First, you have to see if it meets the goal you have, whether it is losing weight, toning your muscles or recovering from some discomfort. And second, and very important, if your physical condition allows it. But all this, normally, is not usually an impediment, since most of the activities have training options for almost all audiences. Also, you do not need to start doing the whole class. You can try 20 minutes the first week, then spend half an hour, and after 15 days you are making it complete. It is about adapting the body to the new training, in which you will surely discover muscles that you did not know existed. And, best of all, you will be surprised at what you are capable of.

For example, maybe we will be a little reluctant to practice Body Combat for the first time. It is normal. We all have a hard time starting, but that should not stop us because the satisfaction we are going to obtain is enormous. Being able to perform a sequence of blows and kicks to the rhythm of the music, with intensity, energy and joy, make you feel great. And they put you in shape in a fun way.

In the same way that if you believe that the activities of body and mind are not for you, give them an opportunity. Surely you will not regret it. They will help you to breathe better, to be more aware of your body and to correct posture.

Next, we mention some benefits of different types of activities:


  • They improve muscle strength and endurance.
  • Increase the density of bones.


  • Increase cardiovascular resistance
  • They favour weight loss and the improvement of body composition.


  • Improve coordination and sense of rhythm.
  • They increase physical condition and reinforce self-esteem.

Body and mind

  • Improve joint mobility
  • They reduce stress levels.

As the title of the article says, the taste is the variety. You have to take advantage of the different options and be encouraged to try them, trying to find a balance in our training that allows us to continue improving and, above all, keeps enjoying. What has been said: open the door to new activities and discover what you can achieve.