Here some of them stand out, showing that it is an activity for all the public. Whether young people, adults or older and regardless of the type of physical activity that they usually practice, all of them will achieve very satisfactory results.

Main benefits at a mental and spiritual level:

  • The yoga class, through the asanas (postures) and meditation, facilitates the attainment of a state of inner peace that causes serenity and stability in the body and mind.
  • This activity facilitates the connection with the present moment, generating and developing greater awareness of the environment and, consequently, of ourselves, leading to greater concentration and better memory.
  • Because many of the postures and movements are slow, the emphasis is on breathing during the performance of the same, thus increasing relaxation through the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. In this way, we seek to recover complete natural breathing, altered many times by the stress of day today.
  • Alleviating pain is one of the reasons why many people start practising physical activity. Thanks to the concentration and relaxation achieved during their practice, yoga allows you to know yourself in a deeper way, managing and controlling better the effects of pain suffered by those who suffer from a chronic disease or ailment.
  • Whether through controlled and conscious breathing or through postures that require intense activity, in a yoga session the body and mind can relax decreasing the levels of cortisol, a hormone that triggers in situations of stress.

Main benefits at the physical level:

  • The constancy in practice generates an increase in flexibility in the muscles and a significant improvement in joint mobility. This generates that the muscular tension is reduced and the person is more agile in his day today.
  • The strength and resistance of the muscles increases when performing the different asanas, reeducating the posture and balancing the decompensation that is generated by sitting many hours in front of the computer, or in positions of low mobility.
  • The dynamic sequences of asanas produce a cardiovascular improvement, also helping to improve blood circulation and oxygenation of tissues.
  • Although it is not the main objective, the practice of this activity helps control weight.

Yoga is full of energy to those who practice it, providing emotional stability, calm, happiness and positivism to our life.