Well to have a great time and make the most of them, we want to give you some tips that we find interesting to disconnect and recharge the batteries. They are worth as much for two weeks of vacations as for four single days that you could take. The important thing is to try to follow some of these recommendations. Your body, and especially your mind, will thank you.

  1. Leave the homework done. Go with the tasks in green, so that your head clears and you have no worries anymore. And if your work requires it, notify in your mail that you will be on vacation, with a message saying that you will have little or no coverage so that it is understood that your days are free and you will not be available. The ideal would be to remove the mail from the mobile during these days, but that is more complicated.
  2. Get rid of your mobile, which also needs a vacation. Give a break to social networks and do not go looking for Wi-Fi in each site you visit. It would not be bad to leave the mobile at home and check it at night. The first and second days may cost a little, but after that, you will surely feel more free, without the need to consult it every two minutes in case someone has written to you. You’re on vacation. They will understand that you do not answer instantly, just as you understand others.
  3. Collect good moments. Do not miss a minute with your loved ones by watching the hypnotic screen of the phone. Enjoy a sunset on the beach, a sunrise in the mountains, or simply close your eyes and rest, without more. Take the opportunity to read, immerse yourself in a story that catches you to the point of not wanting to let go of the book. Enjoy a long after-dinner, without schedules or obligations and laugh, laugh a lot, everything you can.
  4. Rest. What makes many plans are cool, but try to sleep those hours more than during the rest of the year you can not. Forget about the alarm and give your body a well-deserved respite. And, at the same time, try to maintain a moderate physical activity, with long walks, or practising sports that you do not usually do, passing it well over all things and moderating efforts, that is not about recovering what you have not done during the year. The physical exercise should be a habit in your day to day and the holidays come well to disconnect and give the body new stimuli.
  5. Come back to your daily habits little by little. Both in schedules and in meals, try that the last days of vacations are calm so that the return to work is not so uphill.
  6. Think of new plans. Whether it’s for the weekend or the day it’s your turn to fight, as well as for the next bridge ahead, thinking of new plans with friends and family keeps us motivated and with positive energy.

Some will be easy to comply with, others complicated, but surely the effort to “forget” your mobile at home will have its reward. Enjoy the summer!